My perfume roots lie in buying vintage bottles for my personal collection which I eventually came to share with others! It grew to include many from the Creed line, to present! My experience with decants/splits/samples is extensive with over 2,000 individual portions sent in 2015. At any time, anyone may send me a private message or email for links to references/feedback all over the WWW.

General policies on samples

  • A new sterile syringe is used for each fragrance
  • ML volume is measured with syringe for accuracy
  • All samples are sealed with teflon tape for long term protection of fragrance, please refrain from opening unless you can re-tape
  • All samples are sent in new, cardboard box-never a padded mailer unless the choice is given for international
  • All samples are bubble wrapped, then bubble wrapped again, then packed in packing peanuts and/or paper
  • Labels will be semi-professional to professional depending on size, never hand written. What this typically means is full color professional stickers for 50ml and up, semi-professional logo and fragrance info on 30ml and below. I am currently working on different label sizes in order to have professional across all sizes eta 6/1/16


US shipping is included in prices and international shipping is always a pleasure! Canada, Australia, UK, Singapore, India, France, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, Lithuania, Greece, Qatar, Japan are some of the places I’ve shipped. Most of these countries are only plus $8-10 for 50ml or less. Please inquire with any of the links for private message or email to inquire on larger packages.  I DO specialize in getting large sample orders safely overseas. 6, 8, 10 or more samples is fine and routine for me. US Military APO/FPO ships free always!
Picture below will be a good example of bottle received for each size, color of sprayer can be gold or silver. Bottles are subject to change, but will ALWAYS be the highest quality available. Please note all listed bottle volumes are filled exactly, however there is always a bit of room at the top (this is by design from manufacturer). This is a good thing, otherwise they would likely leak in transit. I use only glass bottles, with metal atomizers. Bottles I have come to settle on as the best for each size available are as follow

10ml thick bell shape glass (not those cheap cylinder ones)

2016-04-23 20.33.42


15ml short thick square glass

2016-04-23 20.53.28

30ml diamond shape thick glass

2016-04-23 20.36.12



50ml and 60ml thick rectangular glass- Because I go through so many in this size I use the same bottle for both, so there will be a small space at top for 50ml, be assured all volume is measured by syringe.

2016-04-23 20.35.31


100ml thick rectangular glass


2016-04-23 20.35.52

120ml, new size I now have aluminum bottles available for 120ml fills. These are much like Montale’s bottles; the idea for stocking these came from my number 1 seller, Creed Aventus. For those who use Aventus or any other as their signature scent, the aluminum bottle is a wise choice because it is light proof; you can leave it on the bathroom counter or on your dresser without worrying about any fragrance damage! Remember this only protects against light, not heat damage. Other reasons, the bottle would not shatter if dropped; and it is very easy to open and decant some for a travel sprayer for work or the gym.

If I do offer a 5ml option as in a sample pack of a brand (rare), they are glass with plastic atomizer.

2016-04-23 20.54.16