About Finescents

For those who don’t know me well….

Finescents is the culmination of one man’s passion for fragrance and lifetime career in business┬ácoming together. What started as, and still is my personal love for fragrance developed into buying, selling, and trading to experience all I could. Hobby turned addiction like many of us!

I quickly progressed on EBay under my name, Finescents; grew to not need Ebay and just continue through word of mouth and forums. You may know me from Basenotes, Facebook, Bonanza, Etsy, and others. From there to now….. I have trademarked my name, expanded inventory, officially taken on two lines Xerjoff and Mark Buxton, and will be opening my first brick and mortar store in early 2017 in either Wisconsin or near/in Chicago.

I wouldn’t bore anyone with my business plan, but the main emphasis is going to be personal service through technology. I think we’ve all been there, you send an email to an online store and it’s days later you get a response. If ever.
I will ALWAYS be available.
I will never ignore messages, if I’m alive and awake I’ll get back within the time of a movie 99% of the time (I won’t pull out my phone during a movie, I’m polite).
If I don’t have an answer I will tell you when I will get back to you.
If I make a mistake I admit it, without saying “but” and I will always rectify the problem!

I picture a time when I have multiple stores but still do the same thing I do now, answering questions, sharing my passion, personally getting involved, basically being available all hours with a simple pm or email. Give me a shot you won’t be disappointed! Click on one of the links below and say hi!

Steve Schroeder